This is a preliminary post for the Design System culture series

Design All-Hands
  • A pattern library without any participation from the community is pretty much useless.
  • Pursuing consistency is an inaccurate goal that fosters a wrong mindset within the team. It can create a culture where people would just use whatever exists on the system without being critical.
  • A set of principle is simply meaningless if the team doesn’t practice and challenge it from time to time. …

Strategy framework to shape a healthy culture around design systems.

  1. It limits designers’ creativity and becomes too rigid. Despite it can increase speed and maintain consistency.
  2. The designers feel that design systems ignore context, and give one-size-fits-all components to use.
BNARL, get it? (bɛn-eɪ-ɑɪr-ɛl)

How the BNARL looks like?

  • Beliefs…

We put “system” in the name, but have we really look this from a system perspective?

Causal loop for “What affects contribution?” I’ll explain in a bit

System thinking for design systems

Balancing consistency and contribution should be the primary concern of design systems.

Copyright belong to The Lego Group

  • Why did your team start it in the first place?
  • Who…

Enable system users to contribute to the design systems

How can we encourage people to contribute to design systems? That was a big question we had last year.

Without meaningful contributions from the system user, the system is stuck in the idle mode.

Human talk, not system talk

A small step to manage the discussion and misalignment at scale

Animation I created on ProCreate

From a hunch to an observation

First peek of Bazaar — Bukalapak’s design system

Re-fresh our foundation to create the cohesive product experience

How could one make a “good” principles for the rest of the company? Well, you don’t. A collaborative process is vital.

The process of defining our team’s core principles

Budi Tanrim — Head of Design in Indonesia education civic tech. Previously: Bukalapak, Shopify. Other clients: Yahoo, Palantir, Marvelapp.

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